On Farm Services

GEOvet are specialists when it comes to the very best Equine and Cattle care.

We are able to come directly to you thanks to our PortaSafe horse crush and stocked vehicles which allows us to perform procedures onsite from routine to emergency care. With such a wide range of services available, GEOvet are your first port of call for your farm animals that are a little bit more challenging to bring to the clinic!

Large animal surgeries are performed in the field. These include but are not limited to routine procedures such as castration, Caslick procedures, pregnancy testing, small tumour removal, as well as emergency procedures such as wound and laceration repair.

Equine Dentistry

Horses teeth grow constantly which can cause major problems with uneven wear and development of uncomfortable sharp points or lead to ulceration or infection.

Our veterinarians have undergone advanced training in equine dentistry and have a special interest in your horse’s mouth. Horses require a dental every 6 to 12 months depending on their age and rate of wear, so don’t wait for your horse to suffer unnecessary pain or discomfort – give our experts a call!


A combined tetanus strangles is given at 12 weeks of age, a strangles 2 week following and a final combined Tetanus Strangles at 14 weeks. If you are unsure of your adult horses’ vaccination status they will require two vaccinations 4 weeks apart. Tetanus requires a 3 yearly booster and Strangles annually.

Horses at risk can be vaccinated against Equine herpes virus. This virus causes respiratory infections in all horses and abortion in pregnant mares. Vaccination protocols vary between animals so enquire with one of GEOvet’s staff members for further information, and remember to repeat their vaccinations annually.


Is your horse too fat or too thin, pregnant, geriatric or racing? Diet is an important part of maintaining the health and well-being of your horse.  We can “body condition” score your horse at its annual health check and help you fine tune their diet and feeding regime to ensure that we are meeting their metabolic requirement.

Certification for Health & Insurance

Call GEOvet to book a pre-purchase examination or insurance health exam for your next noble stead, racer, eventer or bush hack.

X-Ray & Ultrasound

With the help of portable diagnostic imaging equipment we can help make a better treatment plan for a lame horse and perform reproductive ultrasound follicle and pregnancy scanning.


Most equine surgeries can be done in the field. We offer castration, stitch ups, caslicks and much more. We are on-call 24 hours to assist in the event of an emergency, so keep this number handy – 97544422.


South-west Australia is sand country. It is recommended that your horse be drenched with a prophylactic mixture of oils, psyllium and Epsom salts to help move sand within your horses large intestinal system at least once a year. Certain horses may require this more often. Worming can be done at the same time.


We offer freeze branding for racing stud and farm horses, and we come to you.

Pregnancy Testing

Beef and dairy pregnancy testing can be performed through ultrasound after 6 weeks and manually from 8 weeks . Ease the stress of the calving period and better manage your herd through pregnancy testing.

Milk Cultures

Don’t throw milk away or waste expensive medications. We offer dairy herd milk cultures in-house for mastitis. Identification of the causative bacterial agent allows a more cost efficient treatment plan and enables you to isolate cases with particularly nasty transmissible causes.


Difficult calvings or dystocias are an emergency and potentially require a caesarean section. Dystocias may be due to the calf presenting incorrectly, simply being too big in size, malformed or it may be due to an issue with the cow herself. Call GEOvet promptly, move your cow to the crush and we will be on our way!


GEOvet offers surgical castration for steers.

Herd Health Assessment

Noticing similar problems amongst the herd or between groups of cattle? Want to better manage the health of your stock? Enquire with one of our large animal veterinarians for a herd assessment from calving management to introduction of new stock, mastitis, reproduction, diarrhoea to weaner ill-thrift and more.


We offer debudding for the young … or for cattle, sheep or goats over six months of age we offer surgical dehorning.

Pre Purchase Examination

Bulls are an important and expensive asset in each reproductive program for both dairy and beef industries. We perform pre-purchase reproductive exams and semen evaluation to ensure your new bull is in the best health for the reproductive season.