It’s a Vet’s dogs life!

So many times I get asked by clients “what would you do if it were your dog?”.  So here is my own dog, Madi.  She is a very healthy 9 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who loves walking, swimming, sniffing out frogs and sleeping on my husband’s pillow!

She had some mild tartar on her teeth causing her to have some “doggy breath”.  Have a look at the pre dental picture below and you can see the tartar on her canine tooth is causing the gums to become a little inflamed.  This not only causes discomfort for pets, but it can also lead to infection spreading from the gums to the kidneys, heart, liver and gut—causing anything from diarrhoea to heart failure.

So Madi came into GEOvet and had a scale and polish under anaesthetic—like plenty of other dogs do every day.  She was placed on intravenous fluids to make sure her internal organs were protected during her anaesthetic and given great access for emergency drugs should they have been required.  Intravenous fluids are always recommended for your pets having an anaesthetic.

Our vets often advise dental procedures, amongst numerous other procedures, to improve quality of life for your pet.  Have a look at your own dog’s teeth—they may look a lot worse off than Madi’s pre dental picture.  If so, come in for a free dental check with one of our nurses and they can advise you if a dental will help your pet.

Not only will Madi now avoid having to have extractions later in life, avoid potentially life threatening infections and stop her gums from being sore when eating, she has lovely fresh breath which she smothers me and the kids with kisses.

By Dr Diane Bogaers, Veterinary Surgeon, GEOvet.