Emily Feather

Iv been with GEOvet for a total of 7 years but left for 3 years to have my (now 5 year old) daughter Charlotte and travel around Australia..

I love all aspects of Veterinary nursing with intensive medical cases being my favourite.  Seeing an animal come into the clinic very sick but then seeing it go home to its family healthy and happy is always very rewarding and gives me great joy and I know i’m in the right profession.

I have a passion for wildlife and quite often get called GEOvets own Wildlife Warrior, I will quite often bring them home with me to raise them up for rehabilitation. At the moment I have a baby possum a joey and 4 baby magpies. That’s not to mention my own pet magpie Ross,my Great Dane X dog Storm and a Burmese cat.

I love working at GEOvet – we have a great professional team and we pride ourselves in the very best of animal care. I feel we are a home away from home!