Puppy Preschool

Turn your puppy into a star pupil by enrolling in GEOvet’s Puppy Preschool. It runs every Thursday evening, 6:30pm, at GEOvet on Bussell Highway, Busselton. Contact us now to reserve a place as bookings are essential.

Puppies can begin the program when they are 10 weeks of age so long as they have at least 2 sets of vaccinations – Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo and 1 set of Kennel Cough.

The course runs over four 1hr lessons which are designed to socialise your puppy and to build up confidence and skills.


We are not currently offering a grooming service at GEOvet.


25% of cats and dogs seen by a vet are overweight!

Obesity has a major impact on your pet’s health and well-being. Overweight animals can have a shortened life expectancy and are more susceptible to developing diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiac and respiratory disease.

At GEOvet we are working with clients to achieve their pets target weight through our ‘Slim-Fit’ Program.

The ‘Slim-Fit’ Program has been developed by nutrition and health food manufacturers Royal Canin. Pets are weighed and put onto a strict diet and have regular weight, health and progress checks. Owners are given the following tools to help monitor progress:

– A weight monitoring chart
– Personalised computer-assisted monitoring
-A Nutritional Report on your pet
– Advice on nutrition and basic dietary habits
This tailored diet is an effective means of losing weight safely.

We can help your pet lose weight happily and safely. Find out about our free ‘Slim-Fit’ Program by contacting GEOvet.


Dental care for your pet’s teeth is an important part of their overall health. Tartar build-up and plaque can cause serious damage to teeth and health problems in addition to foul smelling breath. Dental disease can also lead to systemic health problems such as heart and kidney disease.

Regular dental cleaning and oral check ups can help your pet stay healthy throughout its life. We offer dental care for cats and dogs as well as equine. In fact, we are very passionate about Dental Health and see the impact this can have on your pet.

Book a check up or clean at GEOvet


Animal physiotherapy is a rapidly growing branch of veterinary services, assisting pets to return to physical and emotional wellness and comfort in everyday life.

GEOvet has a specialised physiotherapist to assist arthritic pets with their mobility, muscle building and rehabilitation and we insist on this especially d following orthopedic surgery. Find out more about physiotherapy at GEOvet.


Acupuncture for functional problems in animals can be a very effective treatment for inflammation and pain in conditions such as respiratory problems, allergies or skin conditions. Find out more about acupuncture at GEOvet.


Just like humans, animals quality foods to live a long and healthy life. Food scientists and nutritionists have worked to create products and advice so our vets have the resources to give you the best nutrition advice possible depending on your pet’s lifestyle or condition.

There are many pet foods on the market – and not all are beneficial to your pet.  Wouldn’t you rather be feeding your pet a specially designed superior food than a by-product from another initiative? Come and chat to one of our qualified vets today.

Preventative Health (Flea & Worm)

You can prevent discomfort of your pets caused by parasites and ensure your home is hygienically protected when you develop a preventative health treatment plan. Worming and flea control can be made easy with regular treatment.

There are many options available, so talk to one of our friendly team members to take out the confusion and find the best for your pet.


GEOvet prescribes and recommends a wide range of conventional medicines for large and small animals. Many conventional medications can be compounded into forms that are more convenient for administration to pets, such as flavoured liquids, chews and topical medications. Our pharmacies are stocked for pets as well as horses and farm animals.


You can be assured that GEOvet Veterinary Hospital always provides your pet with the highest standard of surgical, anaesthetic and nursing care. Prior to surgery, we perform a thorough physical examination to determine the health of your pet. We offer and recommend inhouse pre-anaesthetic blood testing because not all conditions that could cause a risk to the patient can be detected by a physical examination alone.

We use modern inhalation isoflurane gas anaesthesia, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate and respiration monitors with continuous monitoring by a veterinary nurse alongside the vet.

We provide many surgical services, including routine spay and neuters, soft tissue surgeries and orthopaedic surgeries. Pain management is integral in our medical protocol to provide a comfortable experience for your pet during recovery and after they go home.

If you are concerned about your pet or have questions regarding any of our surgical procedures, please phone us today.

Arthritis & Senior Pets

As pets age, obtaining examinations for them becomes increasingly important. A number of diseases common to the aging process can be treated more effectively when diagnosed early. Beginning in middle age, we recommend senior wellness examinations every six months so that disease processes can be detected and treated as soon as possible.

Arthritis is common in cats and dogs. Similar to people, arthritis in animals can be painful, restrictive to movement and can seriously impact on quality of life. Treatment options in the form of medications or supplements can have a dramatic effect on the discomfort caused by sore, swollen joints. You may see your old dog acting like a young pup again with the right arthritis treatment.

Common senior dog diseases include : cancer, arthritis, diabetes, endocrinopathies

Common senior cat diseases include: hyperthyroidism, diabetes, renal disease, cancer, arthritis

Our pets don’t tell us when they are in pain – so we have to look out for them and take care to provide the most comfort we can in their latter years.

Find out how we can make a huge improvement to your pet’s comfort and wellbeing.

Home Euthanasia

The decision to have your pet euthanised is the most difficult one you will ever need to make in the lifetime of your pet.

Our home service allows you and your pet to be in private, familiar surroundings and to take the time needed for this emotional process. The procedure is usually quiet, painless and rapid.

After euthanasia, several options are available. You may bury your pet at home, or we can arrange burial or cremation for you. If you are interested there are plaques and urns available. This is often an emotional time and we are there for you during the grieving process.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding euthanasia, please contact us. [LINK]

Kitten & Puppy Health Checks

GEOvet wants to ensure the new addition to your family is in the best health possible to start a happy life. Our thorough physical examination to determine his or her state of health includes checking for parasites including flea, ticks, lice and ear mites, and a discussion about required vaccinations. We can also assist you on the decision of desexing if you need some advice.

Give us a call so we can arrange a check up as soon as you have your new addition.

Equine Dentistry

Horses teeth grow constantly which can cause major problems with uneven wear and development of uncomfortable sharp points or lead to ulceration or infection.
Our veterinarians have undergone advanced training in equine dentistry and have a special interest in your horse’s mouth. Horses require a dental every 9 months, so don’t wait for your horse to suffer unnecessary pain or discomfort – give our experts a call!

Equine Vaccinations

Some diseases are preventable! We recommend horses be vaccinated against Tetanus and Strangles.

A combined tetanus strangles is given at 12 weeks of age, a strangles 2 week following and a final combined Tetanus Strangles at 14 weeks. If you are unsure of your adult horses’ vaccination status they will require two vaccinations 4 weeks apart. Tetanus requires a 3 yearly booster and Strangles annually. Horses at risk can be vaccinated against Equine herpes virus. This virus causes respiratory infections in all horses and abortion in pregnant mares.

Vaccination protocols vary between animals so enquire with one of GEOvet’s staff members for further information, and remember to repeat their vaccinations annually.

Equine Nutrition

Is your horse too fat or too thin, pregnant, geriatric or racing? Diet is an important part of maintaining the health and well-being of your horse.  We can “body condition” score your horse at its annual health check and help you fine tune their diet and feeding regime to ensure that we are meeting their metabolic requirement.

Certification for Health & Insurance

Call GEOvet to book a pre-purchase examination or insurance health exam for your next noble stead, racer, eventer or bush hack.

X-Ray & Ultrasound

With the help of portable diagnostic imaging equipment we can help make a better treatment plan for a lame horse and perform reproductive ultrasound follicle and pregnancy scanning.


Most equine surgeries can be done in the field. We offer castration, stitch ups, caslicks and much more. We are on-call 24 hours to assist in the event of an emergency, so keep this number handy – 97544422.


South-west Australia is sand country. It is recommended that your horse be drenched with a prophylactic mixture of oils, psyllium and Epsom salts to help move sand within your horses large intestinal system at least once a year. Certain horses may require this more often. Worming can be done at the same time.


We offer freeze branding for racing stud and farm horses, and we come to you.

Cattle Pregnancy Testing

Beef and dairy pregnancy testing can be performed through ultrasound after 6 weeks and manually from 8 weeks . Ease the stress of the calving period and better manage your herd through pregnancy testing.


Difficult calvings or dystocias are an emergency and potentially require a caesarean section. Dystocias may be due to the calf presenting incorrectly, simply being too big in size, malformed or it may be due to an issue with the cow herself. Call GEOvet promptly, move your cow to the crush and we will be on our way!


GEOvet offers surgical castration for steers.

Herd Health Assessment

Noticing similar problems amongst the herd or between groups of cattle? Want to better manage the health of your stock? Enquire with one of our large animal veterinarians for a herd assessment from calving management to introduction of new stock, mastitis, reproduction, diarrhoea to weaner ill-thrift and more.


We offer debudding for the young … or for cattle, sheep or goats over six months of age we offer surgical dehorning.

Pre Purchase Examination

Bulls are an important and expensive asset in each reproductive program for both dairy and beef industries. We perform pre-purchase reproductive exams and semen evaluation to ensure your new bull is in the best health for the reproductive season.